Hue Entertainment

The DTLS server used by Hue Entertainment is a 3rd party service build in C. Precompiled binaries are provided for x86_64, i686 (x86), aarch64, arm64 (e.g. Rock Pi) and arm (e.g. Raspberry Pi) architectures. For any other architecture the service must be compiled from source. It would be good if the compiled executable could be uploaded with a pull request for other architectures.

Compilation Commands

cd mbedtls-1ab9b5714852c6810c0a0bfd8c3b5c60a9a15482/
make no_test
gcc -I./include ssl_server2_diyhue.c -o ssl_server2_diyhue -L./library -lmbedtls -lmbedx509 -lmbedcrypto